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Amilo L7320GW sound card

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Amilo L7320GW sound card

Postby Ed Brumby » Sat Sep 12, 2009 11:53 am

I can individually use the mic and I can hear the sound in the speakers, but when I try to record a voice track over a music track in Audacity, the sound does not come out of the earphones. Levels etc are all ok on playing the first track on its own. I believe this may be due to the fact that the same sound card/software cannot be used simultaneously for record and palyback. Is this correct? Is there a way round this?
Ed Brumby
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Re: Amilo L7320GW sound card

Postby tootingpat » Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:32 pm

Can anyone help? Ive acquired a used Amilo L7320GW and had to install another version of XPSP2 due to exchange of hard drive.
I noticed all was not perfect, so ran Driver Detective which identified 21 missing drivers, not all of which are critical,but the ones I need urgently are the Sound system drivers and whatever else is missing. In System Device Manager I can see that its flagged up Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller and PCI Simple Comms Controller as all missing.
I cannot trace the model number on the Fujitsu Support site and its not showing on the list of compatible products, but I cannot believe that it isnt available from them somewhere or other , the machine is barely 4 yrears old.
Unfortunately I got the laptop at a computer fair, and its obviously been canibalised from various laptops.

Does anyone have an idea what the resolution to this issue might be( other than buy a new one!!!)and could they contact me by email at
with any information.Im not a techy and am not sure how to proceed.Can drivers be downloaded from existing laptops and installed on mine???

Many thanks.

Adrian.( London UK)
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