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Graphics Issues with Amilo Xa 1526

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Graphics Issues with Amilo Xa 1526

Postby MasterG » Mon Sep 28, 2009 7:23 pm

Hello all,

my warranty has recently expired on my laptop and since it has stopped working (HD have had it) I decided to upgrade to a better HD +1GB RAM.

I have replaced the components very easy and installed windows xp pro on my new HD (old HD had vista what was a nightmare)

The computer was working just fine for a full day (!) until today when I have had some graphic glitches coming out of nowhere while playing lineage2. For some reason in game speed was like in slow motion and it was def not a game issue according to the GMs

So the next step was refreshing my Go7600 graphics drivers which I did. Same problems with the game. Then suddently on a restart Booting Screen of XP freezes.

I go to official webpage where it says that a BIOS upgrade (1.1S) is required. But since my laptop keeps on freezing, the only solution was to burn BIOS update on a CD from 2nd laptop and run it on start up. I did and so successfully updated BIOS.

Restarted and windows exp continue to freeze on boot (at xp logo loading bar)

I have just repaired the installation of xp but I have my doubts that this will correct the problem. Any ideas what it might be. I've also seen and completed a form on official site saying that the Company replace/service graphics cards with glitches for free but doubt it will happen any time soon given that my hard drive is out of warranty.

By the way, could it by that the laptop's power supply needs upgrading now that I got an extra 1GB of RAM? I heard that 120W supplys are out in the market and makes sense that it could be a power issue as, while in Warranty, had to sent laptop to Fujitsu-Siemens 4 times on a power related issue.

Any help much appreciated, thank you all.
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Re: Graphics Issues with Amilo Xa 1526

Postby MasterG » Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:39 pm

Hi again, I managed to find out what stucks up my windows boot, it my laptop's battery oO.

If it boots with battery in slot then xp boot freezes. The laptop seems ok apart from the fact that it will not run games, so there must be some glitch with the graphics card.I have updated all firmware, drivers etc so not sure what's going on. Any ideas?

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Re: Graphics Issues with Amilo Xa 1526

Postby Robert » Wed Nov 11, 2009 10:50 am

I know of problems with the GPU, it overheats (bad chip in combination with poor construction). I think a lot of people have the same problem (Apple G3 and G4, X-box and others). If, when you turn on your notebook, a couple of lights blink but no display it's the end. There are people (me to) fixing this problem but for how long.......
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