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Amilo Xi 3650 Realtek audio recording mic problem + SPDIF !

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Amilo Xi 3650 Realtek audio recording mic problem + SPDIF !

Postby bluetyphoon » Mon Oct 05, 2009 12:48 am


I need your help please.

Every time I record or use skype, my voice is heard as far far away (from this galaxy ;-))... and like "in a bottle" sound ....
I checked every properties AND tried as well the driver from the fujitsu website AND the last Realtek High Def Audio driver on the Realtek website BUT I still have the problem !!

Then I have a Cambridge Soundworks digital 5.1 speakers and when I connect it into the SPDIF out, I have no sound on my external speakers !!
I only want to be able to hear my mp3's on my external speakers. But I would prefer to hear the 5.1 movies too....

IT seems this built-in soundcard has a problem, or conflict or bad drivers.... or simply Fujitsu is not professional enough to release working drivers for Vista 32bits ?

Hope someone could help
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