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Amilo L1310g serious performance problem #2

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Amilo L1310g serious performance problem #2

Postby wukoslav » Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:50 pm

Hi, this is my first post on this forum...

I know this is quite an old laptop, but it still meets my requirements. Well, at least it used to. I have the same problem as the poster of this thread but I haven't find the solution yet:,1274,-Amilo-L1310G-Serious-Performance-problem.html?hilit=l1310g

The thing started about a month ago with web flash videos (YouTube...) not always working. I only relaunched the browser and woila, it was fine. Then all the web browsing went painfully slow, for example, the Yahoo mail was opening for 2!!! minutes earlier today. At first I thought it was a network related problem... I was wrong. Everythig started to work extremely slow. The thing is, this happens maybe once or twice a day for an hour or two, then things are back to normal. Restarting doesn't do anything. Task manager sometimes shows cpu at 100% and system idle process at 95% !? This is impossible, since with system idle process at 95%, the cpu should be at 5% right!? This laptop is a mistery machine :)

I installed a fresh copy of Windows XP, nothing changed. I updated the bios, the same. The computer is virus and spyware free, I checked with numerous different programs. I really have no idea, what to do. I'd buy a new computer, but at the moment my wallet doesn't allow me to. Anybody has any clue?

And one more thing... If i use the laptop screen (usually i use an external one), it sometimes goes white. I just switch between the screens, and it is O.K. again. Any clue?

Thanks and excuse my english :)
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Re: Amilo L1310g serious performance problem #2

Postby gezasore » Mon Oct 19, 2009 1:54 pm

Hi there :) ,
I have the same notebook(L1310g), mine is 1,7Gz(now 1,87Gz), 1Gb ram, 128Mb video and works fine so while(except DVD-ROM :evil: ) .
And it's not old, i run Windows 7 on it, it has all drivers :)

Now I gonna tell everything that goes trough my head :roll: So...

1. At first i recommend you download latest drivers(bios also) from there ... loads.html Install all drives including "Power manager" and others...(without power manager wireless does not work with my notebook :))
2. You said the problem started with flash player, tray to update it.
3. Are you cleaning your notebooks cooling fan regularly( i do so :)), maybe pc gets very hot? If so, the problem can be dust that slows your processor. Open back lid and clean it.
4. You said Youtube videos not work always, maybe there is not enough free RAM, maybe some program is using that. Try programs, there is a lot, to free some RAM.
5. Maybe your browser is old? I use Firefox3.5
6. Maybe you used to be on internet a lot? there is a lot crap that goes from there, like temporary files and other stuff, try this cleaner its free. Also it cleans Windows temporary files.
7.You said you installed fresh Windows, does it have latest service pack with all bug fixes? (SP3 is the latest)
8. You said "The thing is, this happens maybe once or twice a day for an hour or two, then things are back to normal" maybe you using some "EMORMOUS" :D antivirus that scans your system regulary every day or updates it.
9. Whitch process from Power manger uses the most of CPU?
10. Maybe there is really a virus, try ESET Smart Security 4, they give you 30 day trial there , i use it its extremely fast good protection
11. I can't think anything more :roll: , if all points do not mach then its a hardware problem
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Re: Amilo L1310g serious performance problem #2

Postby wukoslav » Tue Oct 27, 2009 4:17 pm

Overheating could be the reason, it runs quite hot. I'll take a look, but even that's weird considering I replaced the vent about half a year ago... Maybe it is time for some upgrade, I could even try the 7, if as you say, it runs O.K. :idea:
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