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MXM Beta testers wanted!

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MXM Beta testers wanted!

Postby Ice-tEA » Sun Mar 26, 2006 7:23 pm

I already posted this at the german site, but I figured I'd mirror it here ;)

Hello all,

As some of you may remember, I have been trying to break open the MXM market, and I am happy to report that I have ordered two MXM samples.

1 x 6600 128MB Type I
1 x 6600 256MB Type II

As I have discussed in a previous thread, I am looking for a person to test this. So this is a call to a arms for someone who...

* Has a x600SE or 6200, MXM based laptop
* Is well respected in this community (feedback from other members appreciated)
* Is knowledgeable over a wide range of computer topics.
* Who isn't scared to play around with different settings/drivers/bioses.
* Who is handy enough to open and close his laptop.

Such a person can drop me a line at

The deal that I propose is the following...

* I send the MXM card of his choice, free of charge.
* At his own risk, the person installs the card in his laptop.
* The person documents the entire process, both verbally and with pictures, every step he takes, be it software, mechanical, ... All picture should be transferred to me and will be used as I please.
* If no immediate succes is booked, the person is willing to work together with me to find an answer and solution.

Upon completion of this task, the tester is left with two options: return the card or buy it. In case you buy it, the price will be 100€, which will burn a hughe hole in my pocket. To compensate, the original card is returned to me.

Any takers?

Please be kind enough to post your application in this thread, so your peers may review it.

Kind regards,

MXM Upgrade


So, here's another update: my supplier has no stock of Type I cards left and he won't /can't restock them. Sascha has checked the space avaialbel and he can't fit a Type II in his laptop. So I'm back where I started.

That means the beta tester slot is open again. Please read the first post for details. The requirements are slightly redefined:

* Either a Type II owner with a x600SE or 6200 (but I don't think there are any)
* A Type I owner with a x600SE or 6200 but with a chasis that has enough place for a Type II. Sascha checked his, but it wasn't possible, even though it was pretty close.

So, once again: drop me a line!

MXM Upgrade.
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