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battery stops with no warning

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battery stops with no warning

Postby Rowz » Sat Oct 24, 2009 1:35 pm

I have a 15month old Amilo Pi 2515.

Initially, when the battery was getting low, the laptop would emit a beep and a red light would flash for long enough time for me to plug it in to the mains. Now it just stops after 45mins of use. Have I been using it wrong?

During the day I usually have it plugged into the mains, but every morning I use it from the battery. Up to a few weeks ago I was able to then put it onto the charger without it shutting down, but not anymore. Should I get a new battery?

Also, how easy is it to upgrade the processor? I was thinking of putting in a T9500. I have only ever built desktop PC's and I thought that laptops are difficult to upgrade.

Thanks for any help.
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