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[xi 2550] & win7: 3.5mm doesnt work

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[xi 2550] & win7: 3.5mm doesnt work

Postby pinocten » Fri Oct 30, 2009 7:26 pm

I just installed win7pro on this lappie a few days ago. And so far I have managed to get all things to work apart from the infrared thing. I dont use the IR interface, so I dont care about that anyway. :)

Anyway. I plugged my headphones to the lappie +1 hour ago, but the music still kept playing in the built-in loudspeakers which wonders me as it normally would switch to my headphones. That means it simply doesnt detect my plugged headphones. And honestly. The revamped interface in win7 still confuses me as I just got used to Vista (which also bugged me compared to XP and w2k and..). So blame me if I have overseen something.

Do any of you know how to activate the headphone plug?
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