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Amilo pi 2512 change cooling system

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Amilo pi 2512 change cooling system

Postby piller » Fri Oct 30, 2009 9:25 pm

First thing I wanna apologize for my English, is not very well.
I have notebook Amilo pi 2512. My cooling system is very loud when its start it create sound like a hair dryer(is there someone how have this same model notebook and this same problem with cooling system?) Cooling system is lound from the begins, my notebook have one year.

What I want to do is a change the fan(windmill??) , radiator I think is fine.

There is the picture my notebook inside cooling system.

So there is a problem. Is there someone how can recommend quietly Fan, but this fan must match to my motherboard.
I couldn't find any quiet cooling system? Might be from another notebook (Acer, IBM, DEll etc.)
I've got two criteria:
1. It must be quiet
2. It must must match to my motherboard

And that is all :D
Once again sorry for my gramma and English
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