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Format Amilo Pi 2530 + install Win 7 Topic is solved

All problems with windows and windows drivers.

Format Amilo Pi 2530 + install Win 7

Postby Petanek » Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:24 am

I would like to share you with my experience on format all partitions (whole disk with recovery partition too) on Amilo Pi 2530 and then installing Windows 7 without any recovery DVD.

First thing, when I formated whole disk I didn't realize that it will be so complicated.
This model of Amilo Pi 2530 (maybe other models too) has Bios where u cant change SATA Mode from AHCI to IDE (or Standard) and I don't know why, but if you start installing new Windows 7 which has AHCI support then u will have problem anyway.
Installing is OK until you are at last step -- COMPETING INSTALLATION... where you will get freeze whole PC after 30sec and then its END, Win 7 wont start (btw so as Vista).
So, here is my tip how u can solve this.

What you will need:
> another PC with SATA support

Step 1:
Make backup of your Vista drivers (u can use for that program DriverMax or others)
Turn off your Amilo, and pull out your adapter conector.
Turn round notebook and next to the slot for battery is door for Hard Disk. You can easy open it with screw-driver and get disk out. (dont worry, its really easy, just like LEGO)

Step 2:
Plug your disk from Amilo to your PC.
Start PC with Windows 7 in DVD-ROM and let it boot from it.

Step 3:
(In installation setup) Format disk and Install Windows 7 (or Vista) to this hard disk.
It would success. (btw: Win 7 will also create another partition on disk (100MB) for boot files, so don't try to delete it)

Step 4:
Now we must do the most important thing!!
Start Regedit.exe (if u don't know where is it, look for:
Go to:
Code: Select all

and there you must change attribute "Start" to number 0.
It will allows windows to use AHCI drivers.

Step 5:
After this, turn off your PC.
Get your Amilo hard disk from that and plug in it back to your notebook.
And thats it. Windows 7 (or Vista) will starts and all drivers for hardware will be find (on Win 7). Only for webcam and CIR port u will have to use your backup of drivers from Vista.

Thats all.
I hope, it will help someone.
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Re: Format Amilo Pi 2530 + install Win 7  Topic is solved

Postby jbkhellas » Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:29 pm

Thank you very much! i found your post right after a blue screen!!!

Luckily i didnt have much time to get frustrated!!!

Greetings from Greece! Merry christmas!
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Re: Format Amilo Pi 2530 + install Win 7

Postby k_xristos » Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:23 pm

Thank you
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