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Freezing Amilo M3438G

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Freezing Amilo M3438G

Postby warblade » Wed Nov 25, 2009 4:38 pm


I have recently started having problem with my Amilo m3438G and would like to know if those are the symptoms of dying stock nVidia 6800 ? It freeze while playing games but the system is not overheating because i started to monitor the temperature and even in stress it not even 70C and I'm using akasa cooling pad that is always on and after few freezes I have change in services that the cooler on the graphic card is always working on max speed. Also have opened and cleaned the vents and removed the dust. I also had run the mem test for about 3,5h so don't think that the memory is the problem. Recently also have bought 2 new hard drives WD Scorpio Blue 160 GB Sata 150 because had problem with one of the old ones. So any suggestions are welcome. In my opinion it's the graphic card since so many of you have reported that problem but correct me if I'm wrong ... :evil:

PS. The system few times freezes also while for example watching a movie ...
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