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no sound from internal speakers

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no sound from internal speakers

Postby milamadscot » Thu Dec 03, 2009 2:25 pm

Practically brand new Amilo pa 3515..started with a continual pop up box saying that I plugged something into the audio jack and vice doesnt recognize when I do plug something in but I get sound when connected to external speakers. Is this a problem with the realtek audio system or do I have a faulty audio jack. Any possibilities of rectifying this problem by myself or do I have to take it in for repairs..pls help!!!:D
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Re: no sound from internal speakers

Postby hikaru » Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:20 am

You could reinstall your sound driver and see if the problem disappears or you could try a live CD to make sure that it's not a hardware fault.
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Re: no sound from internal speakers

Postby sour » Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:05 am

If you have installed the drivers correctly you should try this:
The problem is the green socket for the headset/speakers/digital at the front. After hours of testing I found, that the software doesn't recognize any more if there is something plugged or not in the green socket. If you check the "Realtek HD Audio Manager" and click the "Speakers" tab you find on the right side the round symbols for "ANALOG" sockets and the square symbol for "DIGITAL". Even if there is NOTHING plugged, the round green "ANALOG" symbol is intensive green and that means that it recongizes something as plugged in the socket - and that is the problem. Because the software believes that there is something "plugged" it directs the sound output to that socket and NOT to the internal speakers. I could not find out if it is a mechanical, electronical or software problem but it seems to be a electronical problem. The workaround is to click with the right mouse button on the green round socket symbol "Connector Retasking" and check "Line In" and - surprise - you will hear the sound from the speakers!! There is another work around with the blue "Line In" socket. If you plug your green plug from your headphone or speaker in this blue socket, a window pop's up and asks you "Which device did you plug in?". Normally it regognizes that it is a headphone (if not you check the "Headphone") and you confirm by clicking "OK". Now you have the sound output at the blue "Line In" socket, but with a lower sound level. If you now unplug - surprise - you have the sound again from the internal speakers - if you had set the green round socket symbol to "Line In" before!
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