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How do I learn Linux/Unix in a week?

Everything around Linux and Unix-like operating systems.

How do I learn Linux/Unix in a week?

Postby Inquire » Thu Dec 10, 2009 10:18 am

I am working with a Software company and I have got an opportunity to work on Unix server but I just have basic knowledge of Unix and Linux. And I have to learn all the commands within a week. Is there any online tutorial or any website?
Please Help!
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Re: How do I learn Linux/Unix in a week?

Postby hikaru » Thu Dec 10, 2009 11:31 am

Inquire wrote:How do I learn Linux/Unix in a week?
Honestly: You can't.
You can't become a Linux/Unix expert within one week. Just like you can't learn all the tricks of Windows within one week. If you try really hard you might become one within half a year.

Linux and different Unices all behave somehow similar but when it comes to specific commands they differ in detail. So if you're looking for a crash course first of all find out which Linux or Unix you'll be working with. If it's a free system, get an ISO of it and install it on your computer (or in a virtual machine) and play around with it.
A good starting point for all unixoid systems might be the man pages. But since the variety of commands is so big, nobody can tell you which ones you'll need without knowing the exact tasks you'll deal with.
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