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Problems with hybrid card

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Problems with hybrid card

Postby Light2k » Sat Dec 19, 2009 2:09 pm

So i'm currently using the AMILO Notebook Xi 3650 with 4 gb ram with intel core 2 duo cpu 2x2 GHz and a duel video card Nvidea Gforce 9600 GT.
When i baught the computer it ran all fine with the duel card. It could run the newest and finest games wtihout having a slightest problem, no fps drops, no sudden freezes etc.

One day my PC desided that it wasn't going to turn itself on. When it did turn itself off, the whle computer froze. SO we sent it in and got a response back that the whole main card was broken and had to be changed.

Now. when i got it back the computer seemed to miss alot of drivers ( and many of the ones they installed was not up to date and had to be installed due internet which is rly complicated for people with less knowledge). There was now a problem with the sound going up and down by itslef whie pressing ''c'' and ''b'' on they keyboard while doing so. But still, these things is a minor problem to what i'm about to tell.

PS: i also got all the recovery cd's

So i was going to play world of warcraft again which i had waited for so long now. I logged in and played. I turned the hybrid card on to performance ( after updating the driver) and played for 5 minutes. Then it started. The game started to drop in fps every 1 min drasticly, i got robotic sounds and the game freezes. It takes a loooong time until i can do something, and sometimes i have ro restart the pc. I tried to configure the power settings, the grafic.. i mean absolutely EVERYTHING ON EVERY SINGLE GAME.... no, nothing helped, it even froze on super mario 64 emulator...

Although the pc can run fine while i run power saving on the hybrid card, but the grafic and performance sucks ofc. I'v looked through google for help, but it's either to advanced for me or most of the times, a less advanced problem then what i got.

What should i do? is there ANY drivers i must install, that i have forgotten? should i call them and return it? I'm getting sick and tired of this. I payed almost 20K NOK for it ( thats ALOT) and it's only about 1 year at MOST.

I'v read my rights, and it says that everything on a computer like this shall be pre installed and updated to perform at it's best, because really having such a fine pc ad not being able to enjoy it at it's fully is just a huuuge shame!

I would really appriciate help with this BIG problem. the other problem(s) can be ignored. Thanks in advance:


EDIT!: My pc seem to overheat alot when it does freeze, so it is very like that i need more PSU ( power supply ), but again why make a dual card on such a pc when it can't take it : /? and yeah i don't really know if it's worth buying one because it's really expensive!
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Re: Problems with hybrid card

Postby aspettl » Sun Dec 20, 2009 12:18 pm

Probably the Geforce 9600 GT overheats, in that case you should get it repaired.

You can use the recovery CD to restore a fresh Windows installation, then use the latest drivers Fujitsu provides. Test it again, then you're sure it isn't a software problem - and you can tell the support, because they'd probably ask you to do this.

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Re: Problems with hybrid card

Postby Light2k » Mon Dec 21, 2009 1:00 am

I'v already done it twice, so there isn't really much left to do, and because my pc i s anotebook i can only download from the homepage of the company and not the drivers on Nvidea home page
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