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Strange problem with BIOs

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Strange problem with BIOs

Postby metzeq » Sat Dec 26, 2009 8:04 pm

Ok here's the problem.

I started my laptop (Amilo A1167ex) yesterday and suddenly found that the BIOs need a password for me to be able to start the computer. Which i found really wierd since i have never been into the bios and changed such things, never changed anything there actually. Been reading, and trying all kinds of different "default" passwords, but nothing words. Today I called the fujitsu siemens support and asked what the hell have happened. but as usual when calling any kind of support they didn't help at all, all he said is that there is no default password, and that the only possible way to get a password requested like that is because someone put it there... and he told me to switch the motherboard...

So, i have some teories about something about the battery in it (i don't know that much of computers so correct me if i'm wrong), because i have had some problems with the comp before, with things like it refused to remember the date etc.

Very well, there must be some kind of logical reason of why this suddenly shows after 3 years of use, out of nowhere. Anyone knows anything about this?

(worth mentioning is that this comp was used as a "for show" computer, and it was the last one when i was buying it. so i dunno what they've done with it there, but maybe there's a possibility the ppl in the store put it there for security reasons for some very strange reason, but why doesn't it show up until now....)

thanks in advance :)
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Re: Strange problem with BIOs

Postby aspettl » Sun Dec 27, 2009 12:22 pm

It isn't the first time that I read a report that the laptop requires a BIOS password, but none has been set - in the German Amilo forum a user even could reproduce the problem in a particular case (Xi 1546, pressing the Multimedia button, but no Instant On software installed - link).

Did you already try the "hardware reset" (see FAQ, without loading the defaults because that's not possible in this case)?

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Re: Strange problem with BIOs

Postby annbb » Fri Jan 28, 2011 5:38 pm

It happened to me today. And it's happened once before with the same computer.

I was putting it in sleep mode, but it didn't go into sleep mode and restarted instead. I didn't have time to go through the process, so just pressed off right after bios screen. When I pushed the button the next time I was greeted with a bios password prompt.
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