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Amilo Pi1505 - HDD Upgrade options?

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Amilo Pi1505 - HDD Upgrade options?

Postby IanMK13 » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:00 pm

BIOS 1.10C
CPU: T5200
Vista Home Premium

My 1505 came with a 120GB Western Digital Hard Disk (WD1200BEVS-07LAT0) which is now almost full and I need to upgrade to a larger HDD. I thought that the safest strategy would be to upgrade using a larger hard disk from the same range, so bought a Western Digital WD5000BEVT HDD (500GB, but SATA2 rather than SATA 1). I have not been able to get the 1505 to recognise this drive. Has anyone here been successful in upgrading with this drive?
Alternatively, what larger HDDs have been integrated successfully with a 1505 running Vista and were any changes required for the BIOS or drivers?
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Re: Amilo Pi1505 - HDD Upgrade options?

Postby hikaru » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:10 am

According to this thread in our german forum Samsung HDDs of 400GB size should work in the Pi 1505:,24931,-Suche-neue-HDD-fuer-AmiloPro-V2020.html#p161599

The problem you have is that WDs interface changed from SATA I to SATA II during the switch from BEVS to BEVT series. Samsung HDDs are known to be more (not always) compatible in Notebooks with SATA I interface.
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Re: Amilo Pi1505 - HDD Upgrade options? (Solved)

Postby IanMK13 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:07 pm

Thanks for your comments, Hikaru.

Although I had agreed with my supplier to return the WD5000 HDD for a refund, he mistakenly sent a replacement. Fujitsu Customer Support could only advise that 120GB was the largest HDD they had tested in the Pi1505, but since I didn't have another HDD (and susupected a fault with the original unit) I decided to try this one. This confirmed my suspicions. Clearly, the original unit was faulty. Acronis True Image recognised the Drive (attached via a USB interface) onto which I then copied the partitions from the internal HDD and formatted the remaining free space - although I had not realised that there was a limit of three primary partitions so, for a while, my fourth partition was a logical partition). 500GB takes a L-O-N-G T-I-M-E to format.

My Amilo Pi1505 now has a 500GB WD5000BEVT HDD. :D
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