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Pi 1536 - DVI power save problem

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Pi 1536 - DVI power save problem

Postby balnaborju » Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:01 pm


I connected a Samsung 730BF LCD monitor to a Pi1536 through DVI (x1400).

The problem is that whenever the computer turns off its screen(s) - both at power off and suspend -
the external monitor first tries to find an input signal alternating between on its analog and digital inputs
(this is normal behaviour), then after a few seconds it displays a message "check signal cable" moving across the screen,
and never turns off the backlight.

When using analog VGA cable with the notebook, the monitor turns off correctly after the few seconds of input signal search.
It also turns off correctly when connected to my desktop PC's DVI connector (Radeon XT9600) so the
monitor can not be blamed.

I suspect either a driver issue or some electrical contact failure. I upgraded the Catalyst recently, with no effect
on the problem.

Any hints ?
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