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amilo xa 3530 heat problem Topic is solved

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amilo xa 3530 heat problem

Postby kmt » Wed Feb 03, 2010 12:51 pm

Hi all, :P
I have had this laptop for almost 1.25 years, and not very long time ago i discovered, that the processor could become as hot as 94 -95 C. i KNow that is too high for a processor, but what seems odd, is that the cooler is running very much. You can fell this hot steam from it, but it stays at that temperature ( i put the processor on 100% work)
it it the 2.1 GHZ edition. at the inside of the processor ( the core temperature), it comes over 100 C.
When it is ideal it is aproxcemently 40 - 50 decress C. from what i have read, that is almost the working temperature.
As for the reason, i have tried to install windows 7 in order to test if it just were vista going nuts, but nothing changed. I have used evereast ultimate edtion, speedfan (vista), and some other 3. part tools to check the temperature.
so what should i do ?
check the cooler at the inside ?
check if the is any pasta ?

KMT dk
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Re: amilo xa 3530 heat problem

Postby aspettl » Fri Feb 05, 2010 7:57 pm

Did you already check for dust in the cooling system?
What's the CPU temperature if your system has nothing to do for some time?

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Re: amilo xa 3530 heat problem  Topic is solved

Postby kmt » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:54 am

well the problem is solved .
it was the theream past. after i changed it, the fan almost stoped (it were running very much before)
and the temp. is now between 38 C -> 70 C max.
38 C when nothing happens for some time.
70 C after hours of gaming.. ( 2-4 hourse, and the computer not liftet up during the game time.)
and while only using the cpu (at max) it is between 50 C-60 C.

before it were between 40 C -> 50 C at ideal, and at gaming/ high usage between 80 C 9x C (95 is the highest temp i have seen)
kmt dk
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Re: amilo xa 3530 heat problem

Postby Alexa » Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:03 am

Hi all,
I am having overheating problems with my laptop amilo xa 3530. When my OS starts the temperature of CPU is between 65-70 C max. After less then an hour of gaming temperature is about 90-95 C.I have the same problem kmt had.
What is theream past. and how can I change it ??
What should i do?
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Re: amilo xa 3530 heat problem

Postby hikaru » Sun Feb 14, 2010 10:15 am

"theream past." is a typo and actually means "thermal paste" or "heat conductive paste". It is used to increase the heat flow between the die of CPU/GPU and the heat pipe.

For instructions abou how to change it read this thread:,1749,-V2030-Processor-Upgrade-Tutorial.html
It's about exchanging a CPU. But if you skip the steps that actually exchange it it's a good tutorial about changing the thermal paste.

If you change the thermal paste you will find that not only your CPU but also the GPU is connected to the heat pipe. Most notebooks have a height difference between those two components that cannot be bridged by thermal paste alone. Unfortunately I can't tell you the exact value of that difference. Mostly it's around 0.6mm. You either need to take a thermal pad of the right thickness instead of thermal paste or you have to use a copper sheet to bridge the gap. Traditional thermal pads are made of silicone and have a very poor thermal conductivity compared to thermal paste. Therefore the copper sheet solution should be preferred although it is more complicated. (Feed the forum search with "copper")
However, there are also so called Liquid Metal Pads which have the same thermal conductivity like thermal paste and should have a similar handling to silicone pads. But I have no practical experience with them.
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Re: amilo xa 3530 heat problem

Postby Alexa » Sun Feb 14, 2010 2:12 pm

Thanks for the answer hikaru,
I can't do this (to my laptop) because it still has warranty. Instead of that I will surely tell this to a people that works in the service center.
By the way greetings from Serbia :)
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Re: amilo xa 3530 heat problem

Postby Jeeloo » Mon May 03, 2010 2:37 pm


thank you for solution. I am experiencing same overheating problem on same laptop. I have uncovered plastics on the laptop`s bottom and saw cooling system. I just have no idea what thermal past shall I use? Any recommendation? And any suggestions how to get inside CPU cooler? I am just careful and dont wanna waste anything there :)

Many thanks for advices
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