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Any possibility to use Win Xp on Amilo Pi 3560? Topic is solved

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Any possibility to use Win Xp on Amilo Pi 3560?  Topic is solved

Postby DjLeco » Wed Feb 17, 2010 6:03 pm

Hi again!
I'm hardly trying to make my Amilo Pi 3560 work with Windows Xp, cause I terribly HATE Win Vista or Win 7, and I want to stick on Win Xp on my laptop too.

I searched entire google and internet , and I finally found all drivers for laptop hardware for Windows Xp 32 bit,but I stuck to Video Driver...

I tried all modified drivers from here ... st&id=1750

and all it was unsuccesfull...

I tried also the Nvidia drivers from official page for GT240 Video ,and still nothing, it installs, it ask to restart, but the GT240 video adapter stays with yellow color and says the device cannot start (code 10)...

Any help for modding or moded driviers will be appreciate!
Thank you alot!


It looks the 7zip archive that I tryed to download, was always corrupted,because I received a "control pannel error", and always it restoree original driver...

I re-downloaded again, and this time was perfectly installed control pannel and driver too!

So now I'm enjoying the BEST operating system for me, wich is Windows Xp, for his stability, moderate resurce eater, and usuality.
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