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Amilo Pro v3515

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Amilo Pro v3515

Postby DingleyTractor » Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:34 pm

My son's Amilo Pro v3515, which was new a couple of years ago, recently started to smell of hot electrics and to smoke whenever the charger was switched on, whether or not the battery was inserted. We replaced the jack input, which appeared to be a bit loose, as I thought a poor contact might be causing local overheating, but this has made no difference and now the battery has lost all its charge and the laptop won't even power up, even when plugged into the charger. I've even tried connecting my charger which is from an Esprimo (same voltage) with the same outcome. I'm not sure what to try next and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. I was wondering about removing the battery and trying to charge it up externally but don't know which pins to connect to the charger. Alternatively might a new board be the solution and if so, where could I get one? Sorry for so many questions but I'm kind of working blind, and I've been told that the cost of getting someone to look at it would be more than the whole laptop is worth. Thanks for your help :?
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