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i can't install winxp on my li 3710 [fixed] Topic is solved

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i can't install winxp on my li 3710 [fixed]

Postby mickj » Tue Mar 09, 2010 12:34 pm

Hi – I’ve been trying to install XP on my li 3710, but no matter what I do I still keep getting the bsod before the windows setup actually starts. I’ve made a disk with nLite and made sure that the SATA drivers were installed on it as well as SP2. I’ve also noted that I’ve got a Phoenix SecureLock bios in this laptop and there is very little I can change in it. I tried the bios reset as was described elsewhere on this site and that didn’t do anything at all. I have to say that I absolutely hate Vista and REALLY want to put XP onto this machine so any advice or help will be met with grovelling gratitude. Here’s hoping!
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FIXED!! i have installed winxp on my li 3710  Topic is solved

Postby mickj » Thu Mar 11, 2010 6:09 am

since i first wrote the previous post i have found the correct matrix storage driver and slipstreamed it into my xp setup disk so now i have xp on my laptop. the file needed is which can be found doing a google search. i would suggest to those who are having the same problem that i was, that they visit and take note of how the writer overcame the problem. i did not follow all his instructions, but took from it what i felt i needed and my problem was solved. i then downloaded the following file which i found elsewhere, it's xp_treiber_amilo_li3910.rar this is for the li 3910, but all the drivers in that rar file worked perfectly for me and although it's all in german, it's pretty obvious what each driver is. you can also find it doing a google search and it's 66.4meg. now all i've got to figure out is why the hell in my excitement i partitioned and formatted my hard drive without backing up anything and now have lost all my docs and downloads.
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