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[Pi 1505] Laptop doesn't power up new wireless card

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[Pi 1505] Laptop doesn't power up new wireless card

Postby Fixx » Wed Mar 17, 2010 8:53 pm

I have a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pi 1505 laptop, and it has a Intel 3945ABG wireless card in mini PCIe form in factory default. But I want to pass to wireless-n, so I bought a BCM4322 based wireless-n card, in same mini PCIe form, plugged it to my laptop. Windows 7 opened, recognized the card and installed drivers automatically, everything is rigth until this. But laptop keeps wireless card at "power off" mode, Windows's troubleshooter says the same:"Your laptops wireless ON/OFF switch is at off position, please switch it ON", but the switch is at ON all the time, and I tried both ON an OFF, no change. Wireless LED is also not lights up. It is like, laptop's BIOS restricts the wireless card.

Then I solved the problem, by putting a tape over the 20th pin of WLAN card, this makes card always on. Problem is caused by laptop BIOS as I think, BIOS restricts unauthorized WLAN cards. Detailed info here: ... twork_card ... i-ids.html

Can we make a BIOS hack to authorize all WLAN cards just like they did to IBM?
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