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Amilo 2530 fan problem

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Amilo 2530 fan problem

Postby thepd » Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:33 pm

Dear dudes,

I just installed windows 7 on my amilo 2530. Works perfect, way better than Vista. Now here comes the problem. My fan was tripping like crazy, and my laptop was falling out whenever it became to much for him (to many programs etcetc). So i made the decision to open the back of my amilo, removed the dust that was blocking the fan from getting fresh air.

Problem solved...nope. I think i restarted my laptop to many times after it shut down (still freaking warm, and ignoring the problem in the first way). Now i open the back again. And what do i see, the fan start twisting a bit, but not even starts up to get his usual flow. 1 or 2 turns, than stops again.

What do i do? Buy a new fan, unplug and plug some cables...not a pro..,not even close to it. So please keep it simple in the explenation, if anyone knows how to solve it ofcourse.

Cheers and...keep it cool,

El duderino
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Re: Amilo 2530 fan problem

Postby hikaru » Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:40 am

Does your fan work normal when you boot from a Live CD? Win7 is known to have some ACPI problems which might cause the malfunction of your fan.
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