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Urgent! Amilo L series 1310 (g) + Win 7 = fail drivers? Topic is solved

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Urgent! Amilo L series 1310 (g) + Win 7 = fail drivers?  Topic is solved

Postby Martificiam » Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:44 pm

I have amilo L series 1310 (or is it 1310g, not sure what's the difference) laptop. Default specs. It came with win xp, because it's designed for it, also came the drivers & utilities cd with drivers for XP.

But now I want windows 7 on it. So I installed Windos 7 Ultimate 32-bit on it. Everything works fine (no lag, I'm impressed), BUT
it can't find the drivers. The cd that came with the laptop just fails to autoplay (something about activex). Even if I manage to open it manually it doesn't work. Tried installing those drivers while searching in cd's folders. Still doesn't work, tons of errors etc.

I've seen some people on this forum who have installed win 7 on this exact same laptop model. I wish they shared how they've done it, because I'm in desperate need for help - it's very urgent, the job needs to be done.

When it comes to display drivers, I only manage to install/update drivers (on xp) with ati mod tool. Otherwise it gives me an error (something like 'setup did not find a driver compatible with your os. setup will now exit'). Same happened in 7. And by the way, ATI radeon xpress 200M only has drivers for xp, none for windows 7.

Again, if someone shared his story or just could explain to me how to fully configure windows 7 ultimate on this laptop model, I would be very grateful.

And yes, I've seen much of threads like this, but none answer my problem. I believe it might also be model specific.

Thank you for any help.

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