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White screen on Amilo Xi 1554

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White screen on Amilo Xi 1554

Postby vatovey » Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:10 pm

Afternoon all,

Had a bit of a temper tantrum a few days back n hit my Amilo Xi 1554, hit it to the right of the touchpad, a very very stupid thing to do...

Unfortunately, now when turning on the laptop I get a white screen, on a few occasions the white screen will go and Windows will boot up normally.

Is this an indication of a loose connection, or probably circuit board damage ?

I have taken the laptop apart, and notice that where I hit the laptop is where the graphics card is installed on the motherboard, are there any methods (apart from buying new parts) of testing whether the motherboard or graphics card (or both) is damaged ?

I have removed the graphics card - all does look ok with it, but thats just to the naked eye...

If a new graphics card is to be purchased, I believe this laptop required a card of MXM iii type A - does anyone know apart from that spec, what graphics cards would be compatible ?

Thanks in advance, Vaughn.
S.Wales, UK.
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Re: White screen on Amilo Xi 1554

Postby vatovey » Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:14 am

Problem solved.

Took laptop apart, re-assembled - working perfectly now, must have been a loose connection.
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Re: White screen on Amilo Xi 1554

Postby mctux » Wed May 26, 2010 7:18 pm

Hello vatovey, i have a similar problem but in a amilo pi 2515, when start computer white screen appear me, white with a lot of light.

I test the screen in another laptop= it's works.
I test the another screen in laptop with problem= it's works.
I test external video= it's works.

I think the problem is in 1. screen cable-wire or in the 2. vga card

what do you think where is my problem?
how i know if vga card is wrong or right?
how i know if this laptop (pi 2515) has vga internal and external vga or only one vga card?

thx in advance.
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