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AMILO L6825 will not switch ON

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AMILO L6825 will not switch ON

Postby reteplav » Sat May 15, 2010 2:25 pm

On plugging it into the mains and switching it ON , the fans start up for a few seconds...then it shuts down/switches off.

I`ve seen a similar problem in the past where something similar happened and that was proved to be a faulty CD Drive.The drive was swopped and all was OK.

On this one , I have assumed that something is "upsetting" the power supply and it is automatically switching itself off as soon as it detects a problem.

So I have started the process of disconnecting various items one-at-a-time and trying a switch ON again at each stage.

So far I have disconnected the CD drive , Hard drive , RAM memory sticks and screen....but the fault persists.

I`ve tried a default reset to no avail

Any suggestions most welcome .
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Re: AMILO L6825 will not switch ON

Postby reteplav » Sat May 15, 2010 2:37 pm

Further steps taken

I think that this problem may be hard drive related.

This L6825 was given to me as a spare as I already owned a working L6825 I tried the known working HDD in the faulty L6825....and it still didn`t boot up.

Then I tried the HDD from the faulty laptop into my working laptop ....and it switched OFF straightaway.
Even when putting the original working HDD back into the working still switched off straightaway !

Oh dear, I thought that perhaps the motherboard had blown.

That was last night.

This afternoon I`ve put the original working HDD back into the working laptop and it booted up OK via my CD testing disk. I ran a few tests and all was OK so I then tried to boot it up as normal...and it has worked!

Thank goodness.

So as I said, it looks as though the problem may be connected to the harddrive.

Any suggestions?

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Re: AMILO L6825 will not switch ON

Postby aspettl » Sat May 15, 2010 7:17 pm

Can you try the hardware reset (see the FAQ, with loading BIOS defaults and removing all power sources, maybe that has an effect because the other laptop needed some time to "recover") and try the working HDD again?

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Re: AMILO L6825 will not switch ON

Postby reteplav » Sat May 15, 2010 9:14 pm

I cannot do a full hardware reset because originally it didn`t stay switched ON long enough to get into the BIOS.

I`ve tried removing all the power (battery + mains ) and keeping the ON button pressed no avail.

However, earlier this afternoon , I discovered that pressing the ON button rapidly for a few times (10 + ) kept the power switched on and the fans running ....but there was no response from the keboard ( No display on the screen and also the Number Lock, Caps lock, Scroll lock lights did not light up when the corresponding keys were pressed ) no response from the F keys to get into the this was another dead end....unless the keyboard is locked somehow?

I then thought about the BIOS so removed the CMOS battery for a couple of hours , then replaced it ...but still no response

I then replaced it with a new battery...but still no response.

(I also proved that the spare laptop screen was working OK by trying it in my other laptop...and it worked OK )

So I`m now stuck. I`m reluctant to try the HDD as I`m fairly sure that this spare one is faulty and caused all this trouble and do not want to risk damaging the working HDD or working laptop (again !).

Anyway, the laptop should respond to my Ultimate Boot CD on switch ON ...or at least show a display on the screen or beeps in the speaker ...but it doesn`t (I`d already proved that this spare laptop CD drive works OK in the other working laptop )

So there you have it. A laptop that now switches ON with fans running , but the keyboard shows no response and there is no flicker of any display on the screen or green "lock" lights on the keyboard (apart from the ON light)

Unless the keyboard is locked and there is a known solution out there somewhere that will tell me how to unlock it .

Does anyone know?

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Re: AMILO L6825 will not switch ON

Postby davidmogey » Wed Jun 09, 2010 11:00 pm

hi i am having the exact same problem with my amilo. i also tried all of the steps you did but like yourself to no avail. i was wandering if you have gained any progress on the issue as it has me baffled. nothing on the screen but i have the hibernate led and battery charging led flashing
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