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amilo xi 2428 failure to start

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amilo xi 2428 failure to start

Postby tihab » Sun May 16, 2010 10:52 pm

hi all
i have faced a problem with my amilo xi 2428
when i tried to start the 3 lights of ( caps letter, battery and num lock ) are turned On then keep trying to boot from DVD but no bppt from hdd or no display !!!
just light and some noisy from dvd searching for disk !!
but some times work normally !! with out any failure !!
i wet to maintenance they told me main board need to be replaced !! but how come while some times amilo start normally without any problems
when i run system diagnostic from fujitsu site, giving me error in PCI memory controller !!!
shall i change HDD (if there is hdd failure the amilo will do that or it will start and display will work and give me msg to insert disck like old pcs ???)
shall i replace rams !?
the question is which part failure stops display and booting of amilo 2428 ?? HDD, rams, graphic card !?!?
thanks all
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