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Fujitsu Amilo Pi3560 freazes

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Fujitsu Amilo Pi3560 freazes

Postby edgarzigne » Sun Jun 27, 2010 9:06 pm

In first place Hi to all,

My problem. my Fujitsu Amilo Pi3560 just freazes out off nowere. it's incostant complitly sometimes 2 hous other times 10 minutes.

It happens most off the time in my place. at work it's rare.

I've windows 7 64x instaled and DeskUpdate says that i've got all latest drivers.

There are to major diffences between my home and my word place in the way i use the laptop.

1st: in mly place the laptop its used in my lap, and off course it's always being from side to side.
2nd: in my place i use wireless and not the lan cable.

i really thing that its problems with drivers but i don't kno if anybody as a clue.

thanks to all that read my topic and i hope that i was suficienttly clear.

UPDATE: When i say that the laptop freazes i mean that the image that it's in the lcd becomes totally stall. i waited for haours and it stays always the same. i cant do CTRL-ALD-DEL and the mouse doenst do anything. the only way its to hard reboot by pressing the button
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