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windows 7 and amilo a1650

All problems with windows and windows drivers.

windows 7 and amilo a1650

Postby plube » Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:35 pm

I installed windows 7 on my a1650 previos a xp machine
windows found most of the drivers fine but it could not deal with the launch manager
i installed it under xp sp2 compatabiity mode in win 7
still did not work
i went into the programs (x86) folder
then launch manager
ran each component separately
hot key app
fan sys tray

then all is well the machine has always been great and it seems to be great yet again
the only trouble is it is not running the synaptic touchpad correctly but only the slider functions so no big deal

also it is the windows 64bit system i am running

if this helps anyone then all is good :)
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Re: windows 7 and amilo a1650

Postby ch3ckorr » Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:09 pm

i´ve been new to this forum because i have now installed win7 x86 on my a1650g. WinXP worked like a charm
but on all other PCs is win7 installed.

I have downloaded the latest synaptics driver from their homepage and so they are working correctly, just give them a try! ;-)

My problem still exists through the launch manager.
I didnt use the internal Wlan Card (it was bought on ebay and driver didnt work :-( ) so i bought a wlan stick from tp-link.
And i didnt use Internet Explorer and i use my own programm launcher so the internet button can be inoperable.
The only thing i want to use is the fan control but it didnt work and i tried so much i have read across this forum for hours and hours.

The fn-Buttons are working on LCD Brightness / LCD Off (fn + F4 / F8 and F9) and volume control (fn + F5-F7) and on
standbye (fn + F2) but on volume control there isnt an OSD but thats not really a problem.

But the only problem is the fan control. Could someone help me?
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