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[LI 2727] OS Dead - Recovery Fails Topic is solved

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[LI 2727] OS Dead - Recovery Fails

Postby TehHazeno » Thu Jul 15, 2010 7:22 pm

Ok guys finally after many moons my LI2727 died a painful death. Now im wondering if theres anyone who can shed any light on my predicament.

First of all , Lets get down the the nitty gritty. Now the Laptop has been fine for the last year or more , Then suddenly the other night it crashed , and refused to boot. Now ive been at it all day trying to diagnose the problem and only succeeded once. Il llist everything thats happened and everything ive done.

1. PC is a VistaOEM Basic LI2727 , that crashed and refused to boot , Wouldnt boot Repair mode , Or the OS it just crashed and stopped , or rebooted back to Bios and boot menu.
2. Tried Repair to no avail , so stuck the HDD into my desktop and performed a CHKDSK on the drive , which cleared up some bad sectors.
3. Placing it back in the laptop , the laptop booted into Vista but was VERY slow. Performed basic cleanup and got some activity back. Decided to do a number of restarts , must of been around 10 to make sure it wasnt a fluke.
4. Restarted everytime , so i left the PC online for just over an hour. Around an hour later i used the laptop for a few seconds and then crash , black screen , Back to Boot menu , then proceeded to Blue Screen of Death on every reboot after trying to load windows.
5. Due to Windows 'working' before hand i tried my luck at using the repair function of the Fujitsu , And it worked , Apart from the fact When i tried to backup it wouldnt write to the disc and stuck on verifying constantly.
6. After a reboot i thought try repair once more , and this time just put it back to factory settings. Putting it back to factory settings took around 15 minutes and 'seemed' to work,
7. PC Rebooted and loaded the 'System is setting up your computer' , this passed and went to the next screen where its the Vista Screen that says ' Windows is setting up your computer ' , it hangs there for a moment sparks up an error then reboots , giving me no time to check what the error was.
8. Now everytime the PC boots , it tries to load the same window , Where its trying to install windows yet again , then an error pops up. Windows restarted or encountered an error , Windows cannot be installed at this time Press OK to resatrt the machine and the installation.
9. If you press OK , it reboots ' Fujitsu Boot Loader 1.0.8 ' starts , Vista's installer starts , And the same error pops up again.

Anybody got any clue on what could be the problem. Ive tried installing with the disc drive unhooked as i 'was' getting I/O errors on the first few attempts before the repair. Tried with the battery out. Battery in. Also another problem is i dont have the Recovery Discs anymore as me and the missus moved house when our son was born , and lost a fair amount of my Install and Game discs. Is there anyway i can get these replaced? I have the SN and the Product Key for my vista still on the base of the machine.

Also need to add , everytime i try to use a Windows 7 Disc to install or wipe each partition everytime it gets to 'Press Any Key To Boot from CD or DVD ' soon as a button is pressed it crashes.
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Re: [LI 2727] OS Dead - Recovery Fails  Topic is solved

Postby TehHazeno » Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:05 pm

Installed Windows 7 as the OS and recovery were corrupt.
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