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Problem with power into Laptop Amilo Pi 1505

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Problem with power into Laptop Amilo Pi 1505

Postby fredmila » Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:44 pm

Please help, I am entirely dependent on my laptop. Long message but I need to give as much info as possible.

I have a problem with the power going into the laptop for it to work with and without battery.

The plug from the adapter started having trouble making contact (that is the front LED flashing to say that the battery was charging). By jiggling it a bit it made contact and continued working. But the problem has been getting worse and worse. Now I have to force it sideways to make the battery charge LED at the front flash but, even when the LED is flashing it only charges the battery on and off. Also, there does not seem to be power going directly into the laptop, so it seems to be relying entirely on the battery, because when the adapter stops re-charging the battery, the latter goes down and switches off the computer so the direct supply into it does not take over.

This is what I have tried:

- I recently replaced the battery (it was not an original one). It was charging fine until the charger started failing to charge almost completely.

- With an electrical tester, I checked the plug from the adapter, and there is always power in it.
- I thought that the socket in the PC might have got damaged by a few pulls to the cable. I opened the PC, the socket is PCB mounted and it is not loose, the contacts on the PCB seem fine. Also, with the plug in (PC off), I tested from inside the terminals in the socket soldered to the pcb and there is power going in, even when jiggling the plug.
- But this does not explain why it makes contact when jiggling it. It also does not explain why it is not charging or powering the PC even when the LED is flashing.

I will appreciate advice as to where to look next to see if I can try to repair it or if I will have to take it to the repair shop. I know how to dismantle and put together a PC as I myself design computers, but only the mechanics and enclosures, not the electrical/electronics.

Thank you.
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Re: Problem with power into Laptop Amilo Pi 1505

Postby mtoto » Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:07 pm

i have similar problem please keep me informed
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