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Reboot after normal shutdown

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Reboot after normal shutdown

Postby jefft5 » Sat Jul 31, 2010 11:23 am

I have an Amilo L7320WG running on Windows 7. I power the machine and it boots perfectly and runs fine, no freezes or crashes, but if I shut the machine down (logging off, Windows shutting down, etc) then try to boot up again after a couple of minutes the machine refuses to start! After 30 minutes or so I return to the machine, power up and it boots normally again. Has anyone else suffered with this problem?
I have swapped the CPU, RAM, Wireless card and Hard Drive, nothing has made any dfifference. Symptons when boot fails are:- Press power button, Fan starts, power and HDD LED's light, power LED stays on HDD LED goes out, HDD LED flashes twice, DVD drive activates, fan continues to run, boot sequence stops. There is no screen activity when boot fails, not even Logo or bios display.
It doesn't matter if I run the machine for 5 minutes or 5 hours I still have to wait for half hour or so to boot again, there is no evidence of any component overheating.
Can anyone help? Please?
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