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PCMCIA slot repair

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PCMCIA slot repair

Postby rickus » Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:55 pm

The 'old' Amilo D 7830 has one 'normal' PCMCIA slot at the richt hand side.
I want to use this PCMCIA-slot for a Wlan card.
In my 7830 does the black pull-out button not functioning properly.
That means, once one has put the pcmcia card in, it cannot be pulled out anymore.
(only possible if the card is longer, and extending a few millimeters outside the sidecover).
Is it possible to repair it? I think It is only the mechanical things of the black button.
Where is it mounted? Is it fixed on the MB at the underside? (seen from the bottum).
Is it necessary to disassemble the complete MB? and how is that to be done?
And if done, is it possible to replace the mechanic latches belonging to this black button,
or is it to difficult? Where can these parts be bought?
Thanks for any advice.
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