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Amilo Pi 2550 How to reinstall Vista after the upgrade to 7?

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Amilo Pi 2550 How to reinstall Vista after the upgrade to 7?

Postby criss_x » Wed Oct 20, 2010 5:01 pm

This netbook has Win Vista by factory's structure!

It has also a hidden partition for recovery to the factory installation pressing the F8 button while it boots!!!

After a Windows 7 upgrade (not clean installation) I can't start the recovery procedure from the factory hidden partition!!! It goes to the menu of Win 7 options!!!

Note that I have not deleted or formatted ANYONE of the partitions or disks!!!

My questions are:

1) Did the latest installation change the hidden partition with the original factory installation files???
2) If I will delete the C:/ drive's partition completely, do I have achance to start the Vista recovery procedure pressing the F8???
3) Is it possible to get from F/S the recovery partition content for free or I have to pay for it???

Does anybody knows or have any experiences of such a same problem?

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