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Amilo M1451G Series with Windows 7 - 32-bit Pro

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Amilo M1451G Series with Windows 7 - 32-bit Pro

Postby marcelive » Tue Nov 23, 2010 11:30 am

Hello all,

I've had my FS Amilo M1451G for a few years now and it runs like a bomb. Only thing that needed to be replaced was the CPU fan after 3yrs.
This was done by an accredited Fujitsu Siemens agent in Cape Town, South Africa.
I ran Win XP 32 and 64 bit Pro for a few years until Windows 7 came out. Since formatting and installing Windows 7 - 32-bit pro my CPU fan does not stop running. For the smallest things that you do on the laptop, opening a video or a few window panes the fan goes up. I understand that Windows 7 utilises RAM differently to previous OS's. I have 2 Gb of Ram and its a 1.86Ghz Centrino chip. The other thing now is when watching a basic avi video it plays fine but as soon as you just move the mouse to switch options etc the movie lags and the fan comes on quickly. Once the fan comes on, it doesn't automatically stop spinning but stays on spinning fast whilst doing nothing on the laptop - only a shut down or going into sleep mode works.

I have updated the bios to the lastest for my laptop (2006) before installing Win 7.

I have checked the forum and hear of a few complaints with older laptops/bios versions and CPU fans/temp in conjunction with Windows 7.

I am very cocerned that my CPU won't last and really need advice as what to do.

Would appreciate the help.


Marcel Rossouw
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