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Amilo Li2735 blank screen on startup

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Amilo Li2735 blank screen on startup

Postby cmsydney » Sat Jan 01, 2011 7:09 pm


I have a problem with Amilo Li2735. Yesterday, I worked on it without problems and I shut it as usual. Today I turn it on, power indicator turns on, hdd indicator turns for a while and laptop freezes. The screen is still blank (no backlight) and the system is not loading. There is no beeps also. The only reaction is for pressing Fn+mouse and Fn+sleep with a short beep.

I replaced the memory and removed hdd. Still the same.

I heard also that something inside the laptop is moving. So I tried to remove the cover.

I unscrewed all screws from backside, I removed memory cover, I removed power button cover, I removed the keyboard, I unscrewed LCD, I unscrewed two screws under the dvd drive, I unscrewed three screwes mounting the triangular radiator. But there is still something to unscrew. I think it is the screw near the left speaker (top-right corner). One can see the screw from the topside but from the backside the is no whole.

This thing that was inside the laptop was a screw.

Where could be a problem? I tried also to eneter the bios and to load the default settings. Didn't help.

Thanks in advise
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