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M3438G MXM upgrade to FX570M - Power adapter issue

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M3438G MXM upgrade to FX570M - Power adapter issue

Postby funkeejeffou » Tue Feb 01, 2011 8:21 pm


I have just acquired a nVidia Quadro FX570 MXM type II for my Amilo M3438G which I have installed properly (thermal pads, thermal paste + copper shims). However, I do not even get the chance to switch the notebook on as when I plug the power adapter into the notebook, the power adaptor's green LED begins to blink, the batterie charge indicator on the notebook does not show up at all and the power switch does nothing at all. If I remove the power adapter, then the power adapter's LED flashes normally again (no blinking).
I removed the quadro to reinstall the stock GF6800 (which did not allow any display anymore but the notebook somehow managed to boot before the upgrade, eg. hard disk activity, caps lock working etc.), then the notebook can be switched on again with apparently a full boot (without display however). In this case, the power adaptor works again with a stable green LED showing at all time.

Where do you think such a problem could come from ? Could it be the power adapter that is not powerfull enough for the 35W of the graphic card (event though the latter is capable of 20V and 6A) ? Could such symptoms mean that the Quadro 570M is the faulty component ? If you have some ideas on how narrowing down the problem to its root cause(s), I would be glad to listen to them.

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