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Amilo Pa1510 White Screen on post

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Amilo Pa1510 White Screen on post

Postby mcrdevils » Mon Feb 07, 2011 4:27 pm

Hi All,

Have been trying to sort this problem for a few days and figured someone here may have a suggestion or two before I have to start replacing expensive parts. I have an Amilo Pa1510 which goes to a white screen during post, I can enter setup and it still white screens after a few seconds. Occassionally it will go to "Resuming Windows"... and then white screen. I can use an external monitor fine. i have tried booting with / without battery, with / without CMOS battery and have tried a hardware reset by removing the power and battery and holding power in for 15 seconds. Still no joy! I don't have another machine to test the screen on or test another screen on the faulty machine....

Any suggestions gratefully accepeted!!

Cheers guys
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