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Amilo M7640 powers off by itself

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Amilo M7640 powers off by itself

Postby fork » Sun Nov 19, 2006 7:02 pm


I bought this amilo m7640 notebook about 1 and a half year ago and for a month now it started powering off by itself. Somethimes it stayes on for 10 minutes, sometimes all day long. Lately it began powering off more often than before.

I opened it and it seems fine, just that when i touch the heatsink it's HOT. I read on the other forums that it's normal for it to be hot, but still i'm thinking that it might be an overheating problem. My bios doesn't read temperature. I flashed it. i have the latest version. It works only on AC, i removed the battery since i don't use it and i'm having one of those batteries that should be replaced so at first i thought the battery could be the problem.

Could you please tell me how to overcome this behavior?!?


PS: memory test ok
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Same Problem....

Postby longford » Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:22 am


I have a Amilo Pro v8010 and have it running fine since a year.. The laptop has been acting up in the last 10 days .. It started by abruptly rebooting in the middle of an WinXP session.

After reboot , chkdsk started, then hang, another manual reboot, again chkdsk, hang....

This cycle kept continuing.

I backed up my data and reformated the machine... Tried installing and repairing ( I know they are different ) but it hangs in the middle of the installation itself.

Changed install disks but no avail. My laptop did not have a OS when I bought it , so no recovery CD either.

Then I got hold of Hiren Boot CD and tried all diagnostics on the memory, motherboard and HDD also. All passed fine.

Then I booted up with Windows XP Live CD, that also went off fine.
I also booted up with the SUSE linux CD , that also went off fine.

First I thought it may have been some bad sector on the HDD causing the prob but the diagnostics said all was well, no bad sectors. I also opened up the Memory case and used an air blower to dust off, but did not see any dust there in the first place.

I am at loss to figure out what to do next. Any Ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Am planning to install Red Hat Linux tonite and then XP in a bid to resolve the current impasse.

Thanks In adv

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