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Booting up to a black screen

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Booting up to a black screen

Postby silverarrow » Thu May 19, 2011 12:04 am

My computer has taken a turn for the worse. Just when I have decided to keep it and are about to do a few upgrades it goes black.

I have ran a trial version of Windows 7 Enterprise for a few months, and for some reason the registration key I got was never accepted by Microsoft when attempting to registrate. It was free soft wear from work, where I was given a http-address to a Microsoft page to download and burn the installation CD my self. After a few months the trial version expired and the repercussions from Microsoft was to shot down the computer after an hour. Do Microsoft have some nasty acting malware that can mess up BIOS or something? I have Widows 7 and Ubuntu on others, but this Amilo never could handle Linux well, because of the Radeon xpress 200 video card. (booting up to a white screen). I need something to run on this laptop.

Is this a known issue? I get a black screen only at bootup, I hear the computer start, fan spins, hard drive is activated, I can hear it "clicking in". I have disassembled the battery, power cord waited for a while. I have held down the start button for 10 seconds, and rebooted. No improvement.

If anyone ever had this happen, and figured out how it fix it, I would be very grateful for any hints to a solution. I have no idea what it could be.
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