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Laptop Does not start... Fans are on only!

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Laptop Does not start... Fans are on only!

Postby georgiosr » Thu Dec 28, 2006 9:08 am

Just got this problem this morning and gave my laptop in for Repair.... it had happened 2wise before but finally the laptop turned on and worked for a few days perfectly. Yesterday though after i put it on Stand By - the Laptop (Amilo 1630 A) does not turn on anymore - Power goes on - Fans are on - but nothing else... no beeps NOTHING DEAD! I opened the case, removed, ram, cpu, cmos battery, Hard Disk but still no luck.
Can it be a bios corruption? If yes how to solve it? I was reading about putting an amibios.root file in a Cd but where i find this file?
Shall I think for a Laptop replacement? (warranty just expired a month ago - had it already for 25 months)...
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