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dead(-ish) Amilo D 1840w

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dead(-ish) Amilo D 1840w

Postby Camping Fag » Tue Jan 23, 2007 11:23 pm

I’m in Norway with a suspected dead motherboard in a Fujitsu Amilo D 1840W, and I’m wondering what it would cost to get a new MB for it – and where I could get one in Europe, or even better, here in Norway.

Could it be something else though? What it does when I press the power-on button, the fans spin up but it shuts down after 3 seconds or so. Mostly it turns itself wholly off, but sometimes the power-LED stays on, and the suspend-LED blinks.

In desperation I’ve tried “everything” and found that if I press the power-on button one more time within the 3 seconds timeframe – it stays on, but no BIOS beeps, no boot, no nothing. However – if I now close the lid, and open it again, the screens backlight turns on, but no image is displayed and the screen is white-ish gray.

Pressing and holding the power-on button for 4 seconds turns it off.

I’ve excluded fault in all of the parts I could swap without greater difficulty: RAM, CPU, HDD, CMOS battery and mini-PCI WLAN card. I’ve also thoroughly cleaned the CPU cooling-fan and assembly.

The only thing I’ve yet to do, is try to find a BIOS-chip to program and try swapping that as well.

Any ideas and tips would be appreciated!
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