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[D8830] will not start properly

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[D8830] will not start properly

Postby hawkeye48 » Mon Mar 12, 2007 12:01 pm

My Amilo D 8830, with XP Home edition SP2, stopped working one week after the 3 year guarantee and suppport deal was ended.
This happens at start:
The screen where I can choose Bios and Boot setup is shown.
Then a message in white on black screen says that something is wrong, either machine or programme. The message tells me to choose between several options but none of them work, not failsafe, not last running configuration or any other.
Then the XP loading window is shown and one can watch the blue things streamin from left to right. After some time, approximately the same time as when the laptop worked properly, when the Welcome to XP window should be visible the screen goes blank and the fan slows down and then nothing happens except for the HDD LED which continues to flash for a short time before it goes out. The battery/power indicator on the right hand side is still on.
I wanted to follow the advice to go into BIOS at startup and load Setup Defaults but could not find it in BIOS. The only somewhat similar I found was Load Optimal Defaults under the Exit menu.
Is that what I should do or does the Setup Defaults hide itself under any other menu?
Grateful for help!
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Re: will not start properly

Postby aspettl » Mon Mar 12, 2007 1:11 pm

hawkeye48 wrote:The only somewhat similar I found was Load Optimal Defaults under the Exit menu.

Yes, that's it :-)

I also recommend to try a Linux live cd, e.g. Knoppix or Ubuntu.

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Postby hawkeye48 » Mon Mar 12, 2007 2:54 pm

That sounds great.
Thanks a lot.
Will try it as soon as possible, i.e. tomorrow

It is now Tuesday evening:
The answer I got about optimal defaults didn't work. Thanks anyway.
Same result as before when I try to start the computer.
Message that something, hard ware or soft ware might have been damaged, and then a choice of different ways to start. When I try to start XP the screen with the little blue thingts going from left to right continues for a long time and then nothing happens.
If I try to start in failsafe mode the screen gets covered in text rolling down the screen about "multi< >disc< >rdisc< >partition< > \windows\system32 . . ."
In between the <> is a capital B - I think. I'm trying to read from a bad video clip taken with my old digital camera.
After all the lines have filled the screen and then disappeared it looks like drivers are being read at the bottom of the screen and then - nothing more.

Very grateful for futher ideas of how to get my laptop back in shape.
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