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No sound from my Amilo Pro v2060 laptop

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No sound from my Amilo Pro v2060 laptop

Postby liviococcia » Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:53 am

Hello Members

I suddenly had no Sound from the laptop after loading some software, did a couple of 'Restore Points' to put it right 'no luck there', whent for my recovery CD's and couldn't find them, so i thought what i do is buy a another copy Windows XP home upgrade,and now i have a problem.

I started by putting on my copy of Windows 98se 'Full version' using and external floppy drive and the Windows 'Boot Disk' on first, then did the install for Windows XP Home, i came up with a 'Blue Screen' problem on reboot during installation.

It was to do with 'SATA Mass Storage Devices', so inorder to continue with the Windows XP install, i whent to the BIOS and the advance tab, and disabled the ACPI, it then continued to load WinXP.

Windows had then installed a Standard intel ATA storage IDE driver, but there were 'question marks' in device manager for two PCI Card items

I got most of the drivers from the Fujitsu_Siemens website, and installed them apart from the SATA driver set which kept saying the computer did not support it, and the SD card reader driver.

When installing the Sound card drivers this also refused to install as it mention the driver was an HD driver, and i think it needed the SATA Mass storage drivers, so i found compatible 32bit ADI sound card drivers for the sound chip.

The computer works great, but still no sound, so i remember during the WindowsXP install when i got the 'Blue Screen' error, it gave the option to press F6 to install SATA/RAID drivers, but only from the external floppy 'A' drive, what it kept asking for a file TXTSETUP.OEM.

This is the problem, i found out this is some kind of text file, where would i find it?, how do i use it?, and does anyone have a copy of it for my Amilo model.

Can anyone who has the answers explain it to me in 'simpleton' terms, i have read items here in the forums, from Intel, and from Microsoft, and i'm still unclear on how you go about loading these drivers from a 1.44 meg floppy when the drivers are so much bigger, or is there another simple but more manual way of doing it?

Your help would be very grateful, during these stressful times.

Kind regards
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Postby liviococcia » Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:10 am

Just a reminder anyone, i've looked again at the FAQ for installing Windows and just wanted to point out the following instructions below........

2.1 S-ATA/RAID driver integration via USB floppy drive during installation

If there are drivers missing that are needed to detect the hard drives, you can add them during the installation via floppy drive (press F6 when Windows Setup askes for it). If the notebook has no floppy drive, you can add the necessary S-ATA/RAID drivers via USB floppy drive.
Unfortunately not all floppy drives of all manufacturers are compatible to do so. Compatible devices are:
2. Fujitsu CP 078730-03 (YE-Data)
3. Datalux DLX-144-Si
4. Toshiba (?)

If you have problems creating a driver disk, use the forum search or

Annotation: Instead of using an USB floppy drive it seems to be the same using an USB memory stick or flash cards (MMC/SD/...). But in most cases these media do not work! As many USB floppy drives are not compatible, most USB memory sticks / card reader are not compatible as well.

The trouble is it does not fully describe what you need after you press F6 (a TXTSETUP.OEM file), how you get or make it, again i'm clueless on what
to do next, can anyone help me out.

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