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Amilo pro v2060 sounds vanished

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Amilo pro v2060 sounds vanished

Postby liviococcia » Fri Mar 30, 2007 8:25 am

Hello forum
I had some trouble with finding the correct SATA drivers, this was part of an issue with having no sound and trying to rectify the problem.

So far, i installed Windows XP sp2 as i lost my original recovery disks, i managed to get all the necessary drivers, and all are installed with no known issues (no '?' or errors in Device Manager, error pop-ups), but yet there is no sound at all, not from anything i put into the DVD drive or windows itself.

If i do play a music file through Medis Player 11, and put the app into visualizations there is movement from the graphics, i've checked also that nothing is 'Muted'

Also, when installing the drivers for the HD sound card, i did also install the Microsoft Hotfix included with the download from FS.

Is there anything else i should check either in the BIO's, or a button somewhere on the laptop itself, how can i verify that it's a software issue, or a hardware issue.

And is it possible to maybe run a PCMCIA soundcard that could instead use the laptops own speakers, if i find it's hardware, this is because it is past it's warranty period, and i'm guessing any hardware repair would be expensive.

I'm desperate for members expertease on this problem, or any suggestions.

Kind regards
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Re: Amilo pro v2060 sounds vanished

Postby aspettl » Tue Apr 03, 2007 7:47 pm

I don't know whether there is a hardware volume control... check your manual ;-)

HDA sound seems to depend on the order of installation, too. (I think first KB... patch, then drivers.)

liviococcia wrote:how can i verify that it's a software issue, or a hardware issue.

You could try a (new) Linux live cd - if it works in Linux, then you can be sure that it's no hardware failure.

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