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Ctrl key stuck

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Ctrl key stuck

Postby sevilla_si » Sun Apr 15, 2007 5:01 pm

Hi All,

I have an Amilo L1300 and within the past few days, windows thinks that the Ctrl Key is pressed in.

As a result, when I try to open MS Word (and other apps) I receive the message that the application was opened with the Ctrl key pressed down and do I want to open MS Word in safe mode. At this point, I am unable to type any letters on my keyboard.

Also, I notice that this problem affects the whole machine (not just windows), as I am not able to type anything for setting an admin password within the BIOS.

To temporarily fix the problem, I switch users to the "guest" user account and back again to my own login and the problem disappears. Very strange ...

I have removed and thoroughly cleaned the keyboard and the situation improved for 2 days and then the problem returned again this morning.

This problem also occurs when I use an external USB keyboard, which leads me to think that this might not be a hardware problem.

Windows sticky keys are definitely not switched on - checked and checked again.

Any ideas anyone ??????
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