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New machine battery charging problem - gone away?

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New machine battery charging problem - gone away?

Postby NickS » Thu May 03, 2007 3:51 pm

We received a replacement for our stolen Amilo D8145 on Friday. It is an Amilo Pi1536 T7200.

When plugged in and powered on, the battery charging light flashed a few times and then stopped. Windows Vista showed the battery as connected, 0% charged, not charging.

The same happened on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I called Fujitsu-Siemens and went through a range of procedures with them. Nothing helped. On Tuesday I called the supplier and arranged collection of the laptop on Wednesday for exchange. About 10.30 my wife needed to print a document, so we shut down the computer and powered it up again in the room where the printer was. As usual, the battery light flashed a few times and then stopped. A couple of minutes later it started flashing again and the battery then charged normally. I cancelled the collection.

I have found that some "smart" battery chargers refuse to charge batteries if the voltage stays low for too long, assuming an internal short. Do you think this is what happened here? Or should I throw away the hours restoring the backups and installing updates and drivers, and get the unit swapped anyway?
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