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[A1667G] F.A.Q.

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[A1667G] F.A.Q.

Postby Lonz » Sat Mar 25, 2006 10:27 pm

Because there are many (fix-able) problems with "Amilo A1667G" I decided to start a working FAQ.
(Q means question, A means answer)

Q: My remote control doesn't work, this means I neither can start my notebook by it nor use "Power Cinema" with it.
A: The resolution is a paradox... turn the rechargeable battery out of your notebook (not the one of your remote control!) for 30 secounds, press the power button (DC NOT connected of corse!) and turn in the rechargeable battery again. Test it by trying to start your notebook by remote control. It sounds crazy, but this "fix" works. It seems like it helps if you update your BIOS to 1.05c (or higher), because in this BIOS-version the IR-port is synchronized by every reboot.

Q: My notebook becomes extremly hot or always clocks down even if he isn't under heavy load.
A: There is a production-series of Amilo's, which shows a production-bug. Look at the bottom of your notebook if the fan is covered 2/3 by a black plastic-foil. In this case call the Fujitsu-Siemens-Computers support, they can allow you the change without break up your guarantee. (It's the same change as change the RAM-modules) Sometimes you will get the information, that the foil is an aim and advances the cooling by deflecting the airstream. We don't know, what's really right.

Q: The X700 graphiccard in my notebook should support ATI powerplay, but the fan is running all time. The core and memoy clock is also all the time higher then 300MHz.
A: The BIOS of your X700 doesn't support ATI powerplay, OEM victualers can do modifications to the BIOS and it seems like Fujitsu-Siemens-Computers turned off ATI powerplay in your X700-BIOS. Newer drivers seems to ignore this an you can use ATI powerplay anyway - but only if you aren't on rechargeable battery and silent-key isn't activated.

Q: Why doesn't my processor clock right? Sometimes he clocks on 800MHz, then on 1600MHz. Can't I just turn it to a constant clock?
A: Of course you can. Just open the "power options properties" in "control panel" and choose "Home/Office Desk" as your "power scheme". "Portable/Laptop" activates the "powernow!" of your AMD processor, which controls the clocking of your CPU up to 50 times per secound.

Q: Which processor does my notebook support?
A: AMD Mobile Athlon64: 3200+, 3400+, 3700+, 4000+
AMD Mobile Turion64: MT32, MT34, MT37, MT40
AMD Mobile Sempron64: 3300+, 3400+
(date: 03/25/06; BIOS-version 1.06)

Q: The fan of my notebook is damned loud. He turns on and never off again.
A: Update your BIOS to version 1.05c(or higher), this will fix this and some other problems.

Q: How to change the quick-launch-keys of my notebook?
A: The answer is Logitech iTouch ( ... ch_itouch/ ). It seems like these ql-keys are the same as the add-on-keys on multimedia keyboards. (According to Borkar you also can use TweakUI)

Q: My subwoofer doesn't run all time, is it broken?
A: The answer is only available in the German part of the forum. See here.

Q: Why do I have different channels (2, 4, 6 and 8 channels) displayed in the Vinyldeck after sound driver insallation?
A: The driver was not installed with the conditions of FSC. In this case the driver misses some system checks and all components of the Vinyldeck are installed.

Q: Why is the subwoofer not displayed if choosing 2 or 4 channel support?
A: This is a correct behaviour. Don't worry about it.

Q: How can I add the subwoofer when using 2 channels?
A: Uninstall the current driver, unpack completely the whole driver package of the sound driver and start the setup routine.
Disadvantage: No 4, 6 or 8 channel support any more.

Q: My A1667 (not Turion CPU) freezes sometimes.
A: Unknown behaviour. Dutty's hint: Don't buy Athlon64 CPUs. Turion can be as good as Athlon.

Q: Where can I see the temperature of the CPU/GPU?
A: Unfortunately this feature is blocked by BIOS. You can only check the hard drive temperature.

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