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Amilo Pro v2060 (and maybe others) ram slot location guide

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Amilo Pro v2060 (and maybe others) ram slot location guide

Postby weeminger » Thu May 24, 2007 10:15 am

Hi everybody

After struggling last night to find the location of both ram slots on my Pro v2060, I thought I'd leave a post that might help others.

The first slot is easy to find, it's underneath the big access panel on the bottom.

It was the location of and access to the second one that was causing me problems, and I couldn't find any info on the definitive answer. It's under the keyboard.

Access is easy and doesn't require any unscrewing of the case or any securing screws on the board. At the top of the keyboard at either side you can see a small gap in the case, where there's a cover for the speakers and the hinges, this can be prized off with a thin bladed screwdriver. With the screen folded out flat, the keyboard slides out backwards.

What you then see is a small metal cover held in with two screws, one at the left (silver in mine) and one at the top (black). Remove these and the panel and the memory slot is underneath. I have to say that I couldn't get the small black screw loosened at all but the metal cover is very thin and flexible and I simply bent it out of it's holding slots and bent it back in again.

Why they don't make this clear in the manual I'll never know.

Anyway hope this helps somebody.
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Re: Amilo Pro v2060 (and maybe others) ram slot location guide

Postby Cathal2000 » Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:22 am

Hi there Weeminger,

Just a line to thank you for this post. It's a lifesaver.

Cathal O'Connor
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