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[WinXP] USB Problems - FAQs

All problems with windows and windows drivers.

[WinXP] USB Problems - FAQs

Postby Borkar » Thu May 04, 2006 11:49 am

Take note that USB2.0 is not always "USB2.0". There are differeces among the USB categories:
USB1.1 Low Speed - 192 kb/s
USB1.1 und USB2.0 Full Speed - 1,5MB/s
USB2.0 High Speed - 60 MB/s
If you want to know more, have a look at ->

- Servicepack 2 (WindowsXP) is installed.
- No services have been abandoned (especially "Logical Disk Manager").
- No XP Tweaking Tools have been used.
- Proper chipset drivers are installed (see -> here or at the official website of the manufacturer (Intel, SIS, etc)).
- ("USB1.1" problem only) The device supports definitely USB2.0 Hi-Speed.
- ("Device not found" problem only) The proper drivers (if available) are installed (e.g. digital camera, scanner, printer, etc sometimes have own drivers. USB sticks and HDs normally don't.).

- USB2.0 Hi-Speed device is only connected as Full-Speed device (error message e.g.: "A high speed USB device is connected to a non hi-speed USB hub...").
- USB device was not found

Do the following steps in the given order until it works again:
- Load "Setup Defaults" in BIOS and quit with "Save & Exit". (After reboot you can customize the BIOS setting again).
- Update your Windows with the current updates available.
- ("Device not found" problem only) If there are drivers available, install them again.
- Install chipset drivers again (also have a look at the manufacturers homepage for later ones).
- Hardware Reset (remove batteries and AC adapter and press the power button for 10 seconds).
- Remove all entries in the device manager unter the point "USB controller" and reboot.
- Update BIOS.
- Use the forum search.
- Go to Start:run and run sfc /scannow. Insert the RecoveryCD and follow the instructions.
- Install Windows with the RecoveryCD again and use the Drivers&Utility-DVD to install your drivers. After that recheck the preconditions mentioned above and make sure they still apply.
- Contact FSC.

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special tutorial for certain notebooks

Postby Borkar » Thu May 04, 2006 4:32 pm

-- special tutorial for certain notebooks --

tested on
M1437, M1439, M3438, M4438
probably works for all computers/notebooks with chipset
Intel 82801FB/FBM - ICH6/ICH6-M

Current chipset driver: Version Version (December 2007)

Additional action:
In addition to the actions above, you can do the following (try this after you have tried to repair your system with sfc /scannow and before you reinstall Windows):

You have to be logged on as administrator!
- Create a system restore point.
- Enter registry (Start:run and type regedit)
- Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\
- Rightklick on the folder Enum and klick "Permissions..."
- Tick "Allow: Full Control" and confirm
- Then download the attached reg-file and execute it (it might be that your USB mouse and other USB devices don't work any more!)
- optional: Go to the folder Enum again and untick "Allow: Full Control"
- reboot the system and don't touch it after logon for the next 2 minutes.

These actions are on your own responsibility!
Intel 82801FBFBM USB-Fix.reg
Mx43xG USB reset!
(use only with the instructions above! Mx43x only!)
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Image ..... It works, if you do it right! ;)
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