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my laptop screen is completely blank

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my laptop screen is completely blank

Postby gic » Tue Jun 12, 2007 11:50 am

can u pls help me guys, i have a fujitsu amilo m1437g.
last night when i am watching a movie, the screen gets
distorted and the system stops for a while then it runs
again and then again it stops and run again do i decided
to shut it down but when i restarted it there is a light
on the power on button but the screen is completely blank.
i tried to open it, i remove the memory,vga,processor and
then put it back again thinking it could be a loose
connection only but no luck.stil my system doesnt work.
any suggestion pls otherwise im gonna send it to service
center but i am worried that they might charge too much:(

please help! thanks!
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